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Historical Preservation


Years of existence:
September 1926 to June 1971.
Including 1971 Juniors & Sophomores.
Graduation is not a requirement.

The preservation process is the accumilation of a great number of individual statistics. Included are not only individuals information but all family and extended relatives who attended this educational institution. A data base has been established that contains the historical as well as genalogical information.

Future placement of this historical information, in the interest of one of our nations finest educational institutions, will become part of the local history of Harrisburg and plans are to have this data base become part of our national heritage in the archives in Washington, D.C.

Included are Middle and Elementary school information.

It is hoped that future generations will be able to look up individuals for the historical value and also as an aid to family tree searches.

This preservation includes those deceased and all information available as to their passing and place of burial.

TO REGISTER: Attendees please consider being included in the historical preservation, USE REGISTER PAGE, for school and personal information (not viewable by public). I need your E-MAIL address so I can request any missing information. Remember this DOES include all members of your family and relatives who attended Harris.

PLEASE sign the guest book for comments to all who visit and feel free to make a request, ask a question or submit a suggestion.
Thanks again for your time in this project.

Historical Project Director: "SKEE" Derr

P.S. Donations Welcomed of any JHHS papers/publications/pictures or JHHS items...become part of project history!

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